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AMR Consulting is one of the best recruiting companies I have had a chance to work with.  They understood my needs and found me a position that was challenging and rewarding.  

Data Architect

- Michael Anderson

I would like to take this opportunity to thank AMRC for taking interest in my career goals and finding me a job that fit best with my needs.  

BI Specialist

- Krupal Patel

Oftentimes, projects do not go as expected due to lack of necessary resources and skills required to progress to the next step. Finding and placing talented resources can be challenging and costly.  This is when businesses look to trustworthy resourcing companies to quickly find and place talent, in order to resume project with minimal disruption. A resourcing service also allows the business to enjoy the benefits of increased staffing without the administrative overhead that often follows.

This is where AMRC comes in to help our clients.  We have several resources ready to start projects in various fields such as Big Data, Hadoop, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Java etc.  If there is a certain requirement outside our scope we work with other consulting firms throughout the United States and connect with the appropriate resource.

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