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AMR Consulting is one of the best recruiting companies I have had a chance to work with.  They understood my needs and found me a position that was challenging and rewarding.  

Data Architect

- Michael Anderson

I would like to take this opportunity to thank AMRC for taking interest in my career goals and finding me a job that fit best with my needs.  

BI Specialist

- Krupal Patel
Our Process

When working with AMRC you can be assure that you are getting nothing but the BEST RESOURCES available.  We areso confident as we have certain guidelines we follow before getting a resource onboard.  These guidelines help us determine the strength and the weaknesses of the resource prior to submitting them to our client.  Steps we follow are:

  1. Requirements:
    1. Gather detailed job description.
    2. Find out the expected length of the project.
    3. Expectations the client has of the resource.
    4. Agree on the rate client is willing to pay for the candidate.
  2. Sourcing:
    1. We go through our pool of candidates on bench to find the right fit.
    2. We work with our consulting partners throughout the North America to get their employees on corp to corp basis, if they are a good fit.
    3. We use the internet to find the best candidates for our client’s requirements.
  3. Initial Screening:
    1. Resume screening is conducted by a dedicated team within AMRC.
    2. We also examine the communication skills of the resource to make sure they will be able to be productive from the start.
  4. Technical Screening:
    1. AMRC has a dedicated department to conduct technical screening of the candidate.
    2. We also use third party companies such as InterviewIT to conduct technical interviews, if we do not possess the right individual to conduct the technical screening. 
  5. Selection:
    1. The best candidates are selected based on the reviews from the previous steps.
    2. Reference checks are conducted on the selected individuals.
    3. An offer is extended to the candidate or the candidate’s employer based on the type of employment.
  6. Onboarding:
    1. Background checks are performed.
    2. I-9 verification documents are requested from the candidate.
    3. Record and paperwork management.


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